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Frequently asked Questions

How long before should I order?

     The dresses are tailor made according to your color and measurements. Therefore it is important to place your order and pay deposit in advance to relief some wedding stress. The dresses usually take from 14 to 40 working days (depending on how busy the wedding season is). We do like to have the dresses finished at least 3 weeks before the wedding date, but it will depend on when the order is placed and the deposit is paid. If you would like your dresses before a specific date, please specify so in your email.

Is a fitting necessary?

       Even if your bridesmaids are scattered abroad, no fitting is required thanks to the dress's design. All that is  required is the measurements mentioned on the order form.

What if I am pregnant/gained weight?

        It has little or no effect on the dress depending on how far along you are in your  pregnancy. Because the dress is fitted with an elastic band around the waist - the effect of weight gain or loss is not major.

Do you have dresses that is already made or available for hiring?

      No, unfortunately not. Dresses are only made by order (and not for hiring).


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