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How To Order your Mesh Infinity Dresses

The New Mesh Infinity Dress

 The ultimate bridesmaids dress! This style gives you a soft and elegant yet fashionable look.

This dress is made as a boob tube dress with a mesh overlay and mesh straps which you can then wrap into any style. It's ideal for your bridesmaids because they can where it after the wedding just in a different style. 

      You can not find this dress anywhere else but here! 




Long Mesh Infinity Dress Knee Mesh Infinity Dress Short Mesh Infinity Dress
Long dress with long mesh ( from above bust to 101 -140 cm) R 1090.00 Knee dress with mesh (from above bust to 100 cm) R 890.00 Short dress with mesh R 890.00
Short dress with long mesh R 1050.00    

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